Neonatal Mental Health Awareness Week – Day 3

Day 3

Today I’d like to share a brilliant petition set up by fellow preemie parent, and all round champion for maternal mental health, Danielle of An Ordinary Mummy and Motherhood For Change.

Like many of us Danielle didn’t get a PTSD diagnosis until her twin boys had been home for some time and it’d had started to have a significant affect on her daily life. In her own words ‘I have begun a petition with the intention of lobbying the government to offer the PTSD questionnaire at babies six and twelve month checks for all neonatal parents. We could save so many families so many years of mental ill health with one simple questionnaire. Of course there is more to be done, the postcode lottery of PTSD treatment must be addressed, EMDR isn’t offered to everyone and some are simply given anti depressants and no counselling.

Additional support needs to be provided on units and more importantly check ups for 3-6 months postnatal. The task is monumental but I truly believe that each small step can help pave the way, each story shared can break down walls of silence and build up awareness and every voice heard can help empower others to seek help and perhaps make their own shout for change. Once you are a preemie parent you are always a preemie parent. I wear my scars and my trauma like a badge of honour, it is a constant reminder that our children are miracles, that life is precious and that we are here only once and what we do to invoke change to better the lives of others and change the things which failed us are the things which truly matter.’

You can find the petition here:


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