Day 204

5/7/17 – Day 204

Just a really quick update; he’s feeling much better today and is now on full feeds of 90ml every 3 hours! We still need to see if he tolerates this overnight but if he does then he can have his Broviac line out in the morning, which will be good timing because his cultures are back and it was a line infection, e.coli.

Thank you for all the well wishes etc yesterday. I’ve not had a chance to fully read/reply yet but will do later πŸ™‚

He’s been treated to this sit me up chair thingy today and I think he approves 😊 He loves being sat up now. When you cuddle him he gets frustrated if you cradle him and much prefers to be upright having a good look around. Only popping him in for a few minutes at a time for now because I don’t want to put too much pressure on his neck/back but he seemed comfy enough earlier πŸ™‚

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