Day 206

7/7/17 – Day 206

Guess who’s back in Telford..!

Arlo’s now on the children’s ward at Princess Royal. The surgeons said they usually just discharge to home after stoma reversal but they thought this was a good idea for Arlo as he’s a ‘complex case’ and this gives the dietician and children’s team here a chance to get to know him before discharge. We already have open access to the ward and I’m sure knowing Arlo we won’t be strangers over the next few years… 🙄

He’s been grinning his head off since we got here. He was like this when he got transferred to the Neonatal unit here too, loves a bit of Shropshire air 😂

Day 204

5/7/17 – Day 204

Just a really quick update; he’s feeling much better today and is now on full feeds of 90ml every 3 hours! We still need to see if he tolerates this overnight but if he does then he can have his Broviac line out in the morning, which will be good timing because his cultures are back and it was a line infection, e.coli.

Thank you for all the well wishes etc yesterday. I’ve not had a chance to fully read/reply yet but will do later 🙂

He’s been treated to this sit me up chair thingy today and I think he approves 😊 He loves being sat up now. When you cuddle him he gets frustrated if you cradle him and much prefers to be upright having a good look around. Only popping him in for a few minutes at a time for now because I don’t want to put too much pressure on his neck/back but he seemed comfy enough earlier 🙂

Day 203

4/7/17 – Day 203

29 weeks old today.

And yet again we’re reminded of how fast things can change…

Arlo’s poorly again. He just suddenly went downhill at about 5pm last night. Heart rate over 200, high temperature and high pitched crying. He’s fighting… something. We don’t know what yet though.

Could be his line, could be his wound, could just be something viral. He’s had the usual septic screen, TPN has been taken down and replaced with clear fluids & he’s started antibiotics.

It’s been a loooong night and but he’s a little bit better today. The surgeons have decided to push feeds up quicker than planned and hopefully he’ll tolerate it and we can forget TPN and get that line out for good. So he’ll be going up 5ml every 3 hours now which should see him reach full feeds by tomorrow at 1pm. Keep your fingers crossed for him please 💛

I think I could probably write another 3 paragraphs of pure self pity today. I’m tired and grumpy and feeling a bit worn out with it all. It won’t change anything though will it I suppose. Just keep swimming 🐟

Day 200

1/7/17 – Day 200

I can’t cope with how cute he is 😍

Current weight: 4735g/10lb7oz. TPN has made him chunk up really quickly. He put on 245g in a day during the week!

Going up to 30ml of milk every 3 hours at 10pm. Getting there slowly 😁