Day 198

29/6/17 – Day 198

So, it seems removing the bag worked! Arlo’s aspirates were clear and minimal for all of Monday so Tuesday he was allowed to have his first feed for over a week. Just 5ml to start with every 3 hours to see if he’d tolerate it and he did so he went up to 10ml Tuesday night and he’s now at 15ml every 3 hours. His surgeon wants to go up slowly on feeds. Most likely twice, every other day. This is to give his bowel a chance to stretch and get used to it and hopefully avoid any setbacks.

I’ve just realised I didn’t actually update about how the surgery went. He was in for 4 hours this time, that was partly because of him having his broviac line put in though. The surgeon said it had all gone as expected. There were some adhesions they had to deal with and they’d had to remove his ileocecal valve which I had kind of expected but the biggest surprise to us was that they’d also removed his appendix! They had booked a PICU bed for him just in case but he came off the ventilator and went back onto his usual 0.1 of oxygen with no problem afterwards.

So now we just have to be patient while he climbs the milk ladder again and keep our fingers crossed for no major set backs.

He’s so happy to be having some milk again. Look at that little face.

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