Day 190

21/6/17 – Day 190

We have nappy action! He has done a poo! His first pooey nappy in 142 days! Yay!!

Cannot tell you how excited and happy we were to see something as normal as a poo in his nappy! After the first surgery when he had complications and got bad adhesions/stricture etc, it just made it so hard to be optimistic this time. 17 long days we willed him to get better after his first surgery but it just didn’t happen.

So although it’s still very early days, we’re ridiculously relieved that things seem to be going in the right direction so far 😊

(Haha! I’ve just realised I didn’t explain the socks. To stop him pulling his Broviac or ng tube. I’m sure the parents of poorly babies already knew that though πŸ˜†)

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