Day 188

19/6/17 – Day 188

Our brave little Captain Arlo has just gone down to theatre. Wearing his lions for courage, not that he needs it, he’s already the bravest little thing and looks like he had no idea what all the fuss was about this morning! He’s having a broviac line and a laparotomy & reanastomosis.

The Broviac line is a long, thin, flexible tube inserted into the chest, used to give medicines, fluids, nutrients, or blood products over a longer period of time. This is for his TPN (intravenous feed). He’ll be nil by mouth for a while after the operation then his surgeon wants to go up on feeds really slowly, to gently stretch the colon.

The laparotomy is literally the surgical procedure of making a large incision through the abdominal wall to gain access into the abdominal cavity.

The main bit, the reanastomosis is basically the reconnection of his bowels, reversing the stoma and putting everything back together. Possibly also removing some bits of bowel that haven’t recovered from the NEC.

We don’t know how long he’ll be in theatre for, at least a few hours. I’ll update a soon as I can though. Thank you again for all of the good luck wishes 💛

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