Day 185

16/6/17 – Day 185

So this neck line, with its 7 jangly lumen that remind me of that episode of Friends when Monica had her out of control hair braided and then got tangled up in the shower curtain, the one he went to theatre to have surgically placed and stitched in less than 72 hours ago… Yeah he’s pulled it out. It’s gone. Little monkey.

He removed the dressing and had to have it redressed 4 times yesterday, even though he had gloves on! And this morning he decided it had to go. He didn’t quite manage to fully remove it himself but it was too far gone to leave in. So no TPN now. Back to full feeds. The surgeon looking after him has decided to just give him as settled a weekend as possible before his big surgery on Monday. No new line, no cannula, no fluid replacement unless he goes majorly over, oral antibiotics instead of iv. Just his oxygen and sats monitor. I think that might have been Arlo’s plan all along! 🙃

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