Day 182

13/6/16 – Day 182

He’s back. All went well. He came off the ventilator with no problem and screamed the place down. I think Recovery were quite pleased to send him back to the ward πŸ˜„

Neck line looks pretty gross (I’m a bit squeamish, I hated his last one too) but it’s working beautifully I’m told.

His milk feeds have been halved now and he’ll have TPN (intravenous nutrition) put up later. Hopefully this will bring his losses down, help him absorb his milk better and put a bit of weight on him before Mondays surgery.

He’s decided this is the only place he wants to be right now, which is fine by me πŸ™‚

Thank you for all the well wishes etc, always a great comfort to know people are rooting for him πŸ’›

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