Day 181

12/6/17 – Day 181

Big news. Big scary news. 2 lots actually.

Firstly, Arlo has a date for his stoma reversal. His output is still too high so it’s been agreed that it’s best to attempt reversal now. Monday 19th June is the big day. It would have been sooner but because of his chronic lung disease/oxygen he’ll need a bed on PICU for afterwards, which is always difficult to get so putting him on the emergency list for this week could’ve meant he’d end up being nil by mouth for days.

I don’t really know how to feel about it yet. If it goes well, then amazing! If it doesn’t though…

Second thing. The surgeons want to try and get a picc line in first so he can start TPN now and reduce his enteral feeds and see if that lowers his output, which should help for the reversal. He’ll need to be put to sleep for this though and there’s a possibility he may go to theatre this afternoon, if they can squeeze him in. We won’t know for sure until later.

Oh and yes, the pesky hat is back. His cannula went (again!) in the night and despite a few attempts for elsewhere it had to go in his head in the end. He doesn’t seem too bothered thankfully and he’s been beaming at everyone this morning 💛

Will try to keep you updated…

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