Day 180

11/6/16 – Day 180

Happy to report Arlo is feeling much better today! Here he is grinning at his Daddy yesterday πŸ˜„

After my last post he went downhill quite rapidly. He’d been started on flucloxacillin in the morning, that was quickly changed to Co-amoxiclav, then Meropenem as he got worse. He was initially treated for sepsis then the Drs suspected pneumonia/chest infection. By afternoon his heart rate was 220, dangerously high, and his breathing was fast and laboured. Amazingly he was still holding his own saturation wise. In true Arlo style though he waited until the critical care team had arrived and then started to desat just as they were coming into the room.

It was absolutely awful watching them bag him. I’ve seen it be done countless times but it’s different now. Months ago we could think ‘ok, it’s awful but this is what premature baby’s do sometimes’. Now, well now it meant he was really poorly and it was horrible.

Thankfully that was the only big desat he had. His antibiotics were quickly changed, he had some more paracetamol and he had a bolus of fluid too and within an hour or so his heart rate had settled down, not quite his normal but much better, and his breathing was much more settled. He had a chest X-ray and a Dr from intensive care was asked to come up and check on him. It was one of the Drs who had looked after him on PICU before, when he had NEC, and he remembered Arlo (and Sammy. It’s the beard!) so that was nice. He was happy with him, and Arlo pretty much just slept for 12 hours after that. I didn’t though! I stayed awake all night to keep an eye on him, still tired now!

Yesterday he’d perked up so much that his surgeon said he was certain it wasn’t a chest infection because he was far too well, plus no cough etc. The blood cultures then came back saying it was a staph infection so septicaemia caused by staph getting in somewhere, possibly via his cannula site… Maybe. Guess we’ll never actually know for sure though so we should just be grateful he’s okay now.

His antibiotics got changed back to flucloxacillin once the cultures came back and he’ll stay on those for a few more days now but fingers crossed that’ll be the end of it πŸ™‚

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