Day 177

8/6/16 – Day 177

25 weeks old, 10 weeks corrected.

Current weight: 4.190kg/9lb3oz

Rubbish update. Arlo’s not well. Spiked a temperature over night and this morning. He looks awful, his heart rate was nearing 200 before paracetamol and it seems his cannula is infected.

This morning he’s had a few (bloody loads! 5 Drs worth) attempts to get a new cannula in but they’ve all failed so he’s had to have one put in his head.

He’s about to start IV antibiotics and fingers crossed they kick in soon.

In other news; Output still too high… He’s averaging around 140ml total per day, which is slightly better but still too high and he still needs iv replacement at that amount.

Yesterday he had a contrast study on his colon. Basically he has dye inserted up his bottom and then a scan to watch it move through. This is so they can look for leaks or narrowing etc.

That was looked at this morning and there is a plan in place now but we’ve barely even had a chance to take it all in yet, with all the stuff going on this morning, so I’ll explain later or tomorrow.

This picture is from yesterday. He looks really big. It’s deceptive though. This morning he just looks tiny and fragile again. It’s heartbreaking 😔

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