25+1 weeks in…

25+1 weeks in & 25+1 weeks out today.

I wasn’t going to post one of these today after all because, well it’s not the nicest picture for today is it… Cannula in his head, sleeping through whatever it is his little body is doing battle with this time. Then I thought actually, that’s exactly why I should post one anyway, because what’s the point in censoring the scary bits. It’s happening and Arlo’s fighting with every bit of that tenacious spirit that he’s shown us time and again over the last 25 weeks and 1 day. I think thats a worthy milestone 💛

P.s sorry I haven’t replied to anyone yet. We really do appreciate all of your lovely messages of support. He gave us all a bit of a fright earlier with a heartrate of 220 and a patch of desatting so I just haven’t had a chance. He seems a little more comfortable now though thankfully.

P.p.s People we know through various neonatal units/hospitals; Look! I did used to brush my hair and wear make up and look like a human, rather than a slightly haggard, permanently exhausted creature from the crypt (only fatter, obvs) 😄

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