Day 174

5/6/17 – Day 174

Arlo was moved to the Neonatal Surgical Ward on Friday. When he initially came in he was admitted under the medics and treated for gastroenteritis but as all of his samples came back clear, and he’s already under the surgeons here, his care was then transferred back to the surgeons hence being moved up here.

It’s a small world for micro premature baby’s it seems. There are 2 baby’s we know on this ward, one from New Cross and one from B’ham Womens, and strangely they both know each other too but they met in a entirely different 3rd hospital šŸ˜† Has been nice to see a couple of familiar faces šŸ™‚

Stoma output is still much the same. He’s still needing replacement iv fluids. Today his feeds are being put back a little to 3 hourly to see if that helps at all. Fingers crossed. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be going home just yet though which is a shame. I’ve not seen his brothers for a week now and because of childcare and parking/petrol Sammy can’t come over much. Have only gone slightly stir crazy so far though… Oh well, as a wise fish once said ‘just keep swimming…’ šŸŸ

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