International Nurses Day

To all of the wonderful nurses who have taken such amazing care of Arlo over the last 5 months, Happy International Nurses Day!

To the nurses who were so kind to us in his first few weeks, when our whole world had been turned upside down, who took the time to talk to us after every single ward round and make the stark terrifying things the Drs had no choice but to tell us sound just a little bit less frightening. Thank you. To the nurses who endlessly encouraged us and gave us the confidence to care for our tiny boy around his lines and tubes, and who understood without any kind of judgment the times when it was all a bit too overwhelming and we needed them to step in and help us. Thank you. To the nurses and nurse practitioners who patiently answered the same question 30 times just to reassure me, because even though they’d explained it perfectly well the first time, my brain had managed to turn it into something terrifying again 10 minutes later. Thank you. To the surgical nurses who have taken such amazing care of Arlo I couldn’t even begin to explain how grateful we are, and who have just been so so patient when teaching us how to care for his stoma, and given us the confidence to do so when there was a time that I just couldn’t ever imagine being able to. Thank you. Thank you for the many many hugs and the seemingly endless supply of tissues and shoulders to cry on. Thank you for the laughs, of which there have been many. Even in the darkest, most trying and difficult moments you held us up, made us smile and stopped us from sinking. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, to Arlo, to us and even to his big brothers. Thank you for celebrating every tiny milestone with us and reminding us of them during every setback. To be honest, thank you will never be enough for what you have done for our family and we’re more grateful than we could ever say.

So here’s to you all. Happy international nurses day, and of course from the bottom of our hearts, thank you

#InternationalNursesDay #NewCrossHospital #TelfordPrincessRoyalHospital #BirminghamChildrensHospital #BirminghamWomensHospital


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