Day 142

4/5/17 – Day 142

I think one of the hardest parts of being the parent of a premature baby is just how fast things can change.

This morning we walked onto the unit looking forward to hearing the results of Arlo’s sleep study and wondering if this time next week we might be home. Then we heard the dreaded words ‘could we have a chat in the other room’ and once again we find ourselves down the rabbit hole.

Arlo had an eye screening this morning. They found stage 3 ROP in both eyes. He needs surgery at Birmingham Children’s Hospital asap. Things have moved extremely fast this morning and the transport team should be here any minute to take him to BCH.

He’ll be admitted to the Neonatal Surgical Ward and is booked to have his surgery at 8am tomorrow morning. He’ll need to be ventilated for the surgery and immediate recovery so after the surgery he’ll go to PICU just until they can extubate him I think. We’ll know more once we get there.

We’ve just run around like mad people grabbing clothes from home, sorting childcare and stuff for the boys etc and now I’m expressing quickly before we go so I thought I’d write an update and get it all out a bit.

I’m so sad and scared for him, he’s already been through so much. We just need to keep going though and focus on getting him through this next hurdle. Will update as and when…


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