Day 128

20/4/17 – Day 128

Another good update tonight 😊 Arlo’s settled in really well after his transfer back to Telford yesterday. Transfer itself went well. When we arrived he was in oxygen of 0.07 which is what he’s been in for the last week or so. Well we think he must really like the good old Shropshire air because his oxygen was able to be weaned down quite quickly yesterday and for about half an hour yesterday afternoon he was in AIR! Zero oxygen, breathing fully for himself and saturating beautifully! We couldn’t believe it! No oxygen!

Overnight and today he’s been going between 0.02 oxygen and air! The Drs are hopeful that he may actually be able to come home without oxygen after all which is just amazing for a 25 weeker full stop but even more amazing considering he was on a ventilator for so long and has chronic lung disease.

Also, since last night he’s woken for & taken every feed himself so as of this afternoon, the NG tube has gone! He’s had it taken out and hopefully won’t need one back in. He’s doing really well. Actually he’s doing amazingly. Obviously I’m now super paranoid that something awful is about to happen but trying my best to not think like that. He does have his second lot of immunisations tomorrow though so we do need to prepare ourselves for those setting him back a bit. We’ll see though.

Still can’t believe he’s managing little stretches with no oxygen, and the feeding tube has gone, it’s amazing! Captain Arlo showing off his super baby credentials again, so so proud of him 💛


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