Day 118

10/4/17 – Day 118

Look who FINALLY, at almost 17 weeks old with a corrected gestational age of 41 weeks, made it in to a normal standard cot! 😄

AND who also hit 3kg yesterday! Wooooo 🎉Current weight 3.038kg/6lb11oz! 😱

I’m so proud of him, he’s doing brilliantly. He’s doing great at breastfeeds now, it’s such a shame we’re limited to 3 five minutes feeds a day because he’s doing so well at it but hopefully our patience will pay off in the end. He’s doing a little better with bottles now, we have to feed him paced and side lying and when he’s properly awake he’s not too bad. Waiting for SALT to come and review his tongue tie at the moment. Majority of his feeds are still down his ng tube and it’s quite possible he’ll eventually come home with the tube. We’ll see though.

His oxygen is now down to 0.08! He’s still having the odd desat and brady but they’re not as bad as they have been and seem to be reflux related. He’s on ranitidine 3x a day for that and it seems to have helped a little. He still chokes a bit and bradys after most feeds but it’s not as dramatic as it was last week.

His liver is getting better and his levels are coming down, still high and he’s still quite yellow but it’s definitely heading in the right direction.

He really really seems to enjoy being spoken to or read to now. He stares at my face intently as though i’m the most interesting person in the world (poor boy 😂). He’s is very calm and content generally, I suppose when you’ve been poked & prodded as much as he has it must be bliss to just be left alone! Oh, and we’ve had yet another room move! We’re now in Grasshopper aka, the very last room before the H word..! 😅


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