Day 110

2/4/17 – Day 110

Latest weight 2.877kg/6lb5oz!

I’ve just worked out that since last Sunday he’s gained 245g which works out at 35g a day. We’re aiming for 30g a day so he’s done really well! 

I’m trying so hard to not let this get my hopes up about tomorrow’s sample results though. Obviously it’d be so brilliant if it shows he is absorbing the fats now and we can start thinking about him maybe being moved to a more local hospital, but far far far more importantly it’d also mean no imminent need for more surgery.

I say I’m trying not to get my hopes up but to be honest, it’s too late, I’ll be really gutted if they come back that he’s still suffering with malabsorption.

Trying to stay positive for now though. Besides look how chilled he is about it all. Taking everything in his stride, as usual 💛


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