Day 103 – Mothers Day

26/3/17 – Day 103 – Mothers Day

As lovely as it was to spend the night at home last night, I was so happy to get back to this little face this evening. As well as his lovely squishy little face, I was also greeted by 2 beautiful cards, some chocolate and a little crochet heart (and a leaking stoma bag and poo everywhere, thank you very much Arlo 😂). Big thank you to the nurses, Libby Mae’s Little Angels and Bliss for the cards and gifts, so kind & thoughtful 💛 (not the exploding bag of poo though, that was all Arlo’s own work!)

We had planned to bring Reuben & Rowan to the hospital today and spend the afternoon all together but Rowan woke up with his 50th (actually only a slight exaggeration!) cold of this year so that put a stop to that plan. Not to worry though, it might not have been quite what we planned (story of my life!) but we managed to have a special day anyway and, there’s always next year 🙂

Happy Mothers Day to everyone celebrating today. I don’t know about anyone else but motherhood is frequently absolutely nothing like I imagined and I seem to spend the majority of the time feeling like I’m only just keeping my head above water. When I look at our funny happy little gang though, all things considered, I don’t think we’re doing too badly at all. And to anyone else who finds themselves just winging it and hoping for the best; you are not alone! #WingingItAndWinning



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