Day 101

24/3/16 – Day 101 – One Hundred Days Old! 🎉

Now, we’re not telling him for obvious reasons, but…

Arlo’s on low flow! 😱 How good is that!? 😁

I walked in this morning to find a lovely card one of the nurses had made for him. Full of little messages and congratulations from the staff on the unit. Made me cry, obviously! And then I realised something was different. Noticed his Optiflow was unplugged and started to panic, then realised what that meant, and cried even more! 😆

He’s had a lovely fews days. Last night he finally had his first bath, which he actually seemed to quite enjoy! Also yesterday we got the go ahead from the Doctors to try 3 breastfeeds a day. Just 5 minutes at a time. They need to know his input really because he’s a surgical baby so I’m really happy with this plan for now, plus I expect teaching him to feed will be a slow process, it certainly was with Rowan and he was 7 weeks early so got going much sooner. The last few days he’s been gaining small amounts of weight so that’s good. Monday he’ll have more samples sent off to see how well he’s absorbing. He had another ROP screening and his is still at stage 2 so good news that it hasn’t progressed. The Optometrist said if it’s still at stage 2 on his next exam, which will be after his due date, it’s unlikely he’ll go on to need surgery so fingers crossed.

Happy 100 days little Captain Arlo, The Superbaby. We are so unbelievably proud of another milestone reached. 4 days until due date..


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