Day 84

7/3/17 – Day 84


What a milestone and as if that wasn’t enough we’ve had a whole day of amazing things! Firstly, we have a new weight. Drumroll please; 5lb exactly! He’s tolerated his milk overnight with no problems at all and now gone up to 4ml every 2 hours, he’s stayed on Optiflow with not a single desat/brady since the change and oxygen of around 30% and since yesterday he’s been off all post surgery antibiotics and all painkillers, he doesn’t need them now 🙂 Wait, there’s more. He’s GRADUATED TO HDU! After 1 day shy of 12 weeks in intensive care he’s now in high dependency. In his very own little side room 😁 He’s decided to celebrate all of this by snoozing all afternoon!

It’s still very early days with the feeds and it’d be daft not to expect a few stumbles backwards but this is much much further than he got after the first surgery so we’re off to a good start 🙂

He’s about to have his 3rd ROP screening so fingers crossed for a little more good news to round off the day…

I still can’t believe he’s 37 weeks corrected. Term. It’s incredible. He’s incredible. I’m so so proud of him 💛 Now, the next milestone, is due date..!


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