Day 82

5/3/19 – Day 82

Arlo’s at a key developmental stage now and had he not been so poorly we’d have been having a go at breastfeeding around now. Obviously with him being nil by mouth we can’t do that but it’s important we try to help him develop his suck so here’s Daddy helping him with a bit of ‘non nutritive sucking’ on his dummy 😊

Tomorrow is 10 days post surgery and as long as the surgeon is happy with him in the morning he’ll start having a bit of milk down his ng tube again. Probably just 1ml to begin with. I’m so nervous it’s unreal. This was the point at which we realised he had an obstruction last time so that’s niggling away at me. At the same time though a very small part of me is strangely excited. This is the next step, and if it goes well… I can’t even let myself think that far ahead 🙈 Fingers crossed though 🙂

*Edited to add* About 10 seconds after I posted that update Sammy came to tell me they’d decided to give him another try on Optiflow instead of CPAP. It’s been about 90 minutes and so far, so good… Just had a blood gas and it was ‘beautiful’ 😁


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