Day 80

3/3/17 – Day 80

New weight! 2230g/4lb14oz! That’s almost 3 times his birth weight and the exact same weight his brother was when he arrived 7 weeks early.

Arlo has a new friend; Meet Kraken, Ken to his friends 🐙. Wednesday ‘Octopus for a preemie’ very kindly offered to send Arlo an octopus which is now on its way to us, however when I walked into his bay last night this little guy had appeared! We figured it’ll actually be quite handy to have one to alternate for washing though. I think he likes him, last night he was holding his tentacles against his face, it was so cute. This morning he gave him a bit of beating though so, it’s a love/hate relationship…

As you can see we’ve taken a little step backwards and Arlo is now on CPAP. Wednesday afternoon the nurse looking after him noticed he was working quite hard to breathe and the cute squeaky noise we’d been cooing over was actually quite a loud stridor, indicating his windpipe was a bit swollen, and he was struggling to get air in. Apparently it’s fairly common after extubation. So he’s had some dexamethasone (steroids) to help with that and he’s having a little rest on CPAP for a while.

His morphine has also had to go back up to 15mcg from 5. He’s been on morphine for over a month now and it was weaned down quite quickly this week ready for extubating but he’s been really unsettled, thrashing around and crying, so plan is to wean it a bit slower. Poor little guy, he’s much more settled now thankfully.

Not much else report really. His ng aspirates are lessening, although yesterday he brought up quite a lot of old blood but it’s likely just from the surgery. He does have some stuff coming through the stoma so even though it’s not much we’re hoping it’s a good sign. Still nil by mouth and the plan is to just leave him alone for now really, think he’s earned a rest anyway 🙂


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