Day 77

28/2/17 – Day 77

36 weeks corrected today 🎉 and…


Still can’t quite believe it but not only is he off the vent he’s totally skipped BiPap/CPAP and he’s on Optiflow nasal oxygen! And he’s doing brilliantly! He’s so much happier, here he is gazing up at his Daddy, probably wondering when he’s going to listen to his Nannies and shave that bloody beard off 😂

I’m going to do my usual ‘it’s only been an hour and if he gets tired he may go backwards etc’ but for now… He’s off the ventilator, doesn’t seem real, and yes there were tears.

So he was intubated on Feb 1st and now extubated on Feb 28th. Let’s hope that’s a good sign for March. Oh, and if he’s still happy this afternoon we might just be getting that February cuddle after all…! 

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