Day 76

27/2/17 – Day 76


Look at that perfect little face 💛 It occurred to me today that I haven’t held him even once this month. My baby is 11 weeks old this week and I’ve only held him 3 times in his entire life.

The last time we held him was 27th January, his last full day at New Cross, and what a brilliant day it was. We’d had a bit of a rough week and had reverted back to being a bit apprehensive with him, it honestly seemed as though every time we got a bit more confident with him something went wrong and we were scared to even touch him, not this time though.

With help from the lovely nurse looking after him that day (thank you Amy 😊) the three of us did all of his cares, he was even breathing well enough to have his CPAP mask off his nose and perched on top of his head while we washed his little face and did his mouth care. We dressed him in his first tiny romper and then out he came of his little house and we got to spend the next hour or so cuddling our boy. Daddy first and then it was my turn. It was amazing and considering what happened next I’m so glad and so grateful that we got that perfect afternoon with him.

Here’s hoping we’ll be back to that stage very very soon, until then though I’ll settle for holding his tiny hand and looking at this perfect little face 💛

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