Day 71

22/2/17 – Day 71

10 weeks old today! As he’s now in a cot I decided we had to celebrate with a new blanket, couldn’t venture home for one of the many beautiful blankets we have but managed to find this one. Not quite a rainbow but close enough for now! 🌈


Another tough day. The surgeon came to review Arlo this morning. He feels that he does have a blockage/stricture/kink/something, he’s not sure which just yet but he feels that they now need to take him back to theatre and see what’s going on.

He doesn’t think it’s a further nec as his crp is normal and he doesn’t think it’s another perforation as his blood pressure/oxygen etc is stable-ish (just don’t touch him!) so that’s at least something positive.

Obviously we’re beside ourselves with worry and even the thought of him having to go through more surgery is enough to make me start retching (apparently my body thinks the best way to deal with high stress is vomit myself inside out and then fall asleep. When the zombie apocalypse comes it’ll be no use hiding behind me 😐) but this is what he needs so it has to be done and we have to stay strong for him and just get him through it as best we can.

The only other problem is, there’s still no beds in BCH PICU. The surgeon said this morning that he feels we can wait 24 hours but of course there is a risk of perforation so we can’t wait any longer than that. The transport team are waiting for him, the anaesthetist is aware he’s coming and the surgeon has just rung for an update but there’s just no bed. So we have until tomorrow morning then we’ll have to go further afield.

Will update as and when…

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