Day 70

21/2/17 – Day 70

35 weeks corrected today!

Latest weight 1.969kg. We’ve just come back from grabbing some food and almost had a panic attack when we walked in and Arlo’s incubator had vanished! Now he’s almost 2kg and maintaining his own temperature he’s graduated to an open cot! 😊


As predicted, yesterday the surgeon came to see him and decided it was time to drip some milk in and see how it went. Unfortunately it hasn’t really gone well. He started on 1ml every 2 hours. He only managed 4ml before his belly got a bit bigger, aspirates returned to dark green and he vomited so feeds have been stopped. His rate on the vent has also had to go back up and his morphine.

The stoma still has a small amount of output so that’s good but it seems no one really knows what’s going on with Arlo. It could be a kink but because there is some output from the stoma they don’t think it is. His bowels could still be a bit inflamed and just need more time to settle down or worst case it could be another perforation.

Unfortunately it’s yet another case of ‘wait & see’. I’ll be honest I’m starting to really struggle with this approach. I know it’s all we can do for now but I feel like I’m teetering on a knife edge and running on constant adrenaline is starting to take it’s toll. Which then makes me feel guilty because it doesn’t matter how I feel, however hard this is for me it’s worse for Arlo, he’s the one going through it. I just wish I could do something to make him better.

Clinging on to the thought that one day, when he’s being cheeky with his brothers, this’ll all be a distant memory. I can’t wait. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a brighter day 🌈

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