Day 55

6/2/17 – Day 55

Right Arlo’s little army we need your help now more than ever before. As Arlo’s hasn’t really shown any improvement since we were moved to BCH and his X-rays look a bit more suspiciously like NEC the decision was made this morning to take him to theatre so the surgeons can remove any dead tissue and possibly fit a stoma. He went down at 11:30 and they expect to be around 4 hours, it all depends on what they find.

It goes without saying that it’s high risk surgery, and we’re obviously beside ourselves with worry. Please please please keep him in your thoughts, pray for him, send him positive thoughts. I have no idea if it’ll help but surrounding him with as much love and support as possible can only be a good thing, right?

Come on little Arlo, we all love you so much and your brothers can’t wait to bring you home.



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