Day 51

2/2/17 – Day 51

Right. Don’t really know where to start. Wasn’t even sure I should update but this is the easiest way to update everyone at once and I said when I started this that I wanted to share Arlo’s story for other preemie parents so it’d be pointless if I don’t share.

Arlo’s not good. He has septic shock and more than likely necrotising enterocolitis (nec). Last night he went rapidly downhill. Requiring full ventilation with oxygen at 100 but they were still struggling to stabilise him. We were asked if we wanted the chaplain to come and baptise him. I can’t find the words to describe just how awful it was to hear them say that about our tiny perfect little baby.

During the night he appeared to rally a little and we thought he might be responding to the treatment but by morning he was critical again. At around midday we were taken into the ‘quiet room’. Nobody wants to go into the quiet room. It’s not a room for good news. We were told in a nut shell that our little boy is seriously ill. Too ill for all the treatment Telford could offer him but at that time too unstable to survive a transfer to anywhere else. The Doctors and nurses at Telford have worked unbelievably hard to help him all day, along with the head consultant and nurse of the Kids and Neonatal Transfer Service and by some miracle they made a tiny bit of improvement, not a lot, but enough to transfer him.

So we’ve been blue lighted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital PICU where the surgical team were waiting for him. As things stand right now, he is still critical and has been given drugs to paralyse him to give his little body rest BUT he has stabilised slightly. The surgical team don’t want or need to operate right now. They’re hoping they can stabilise him more overnight and review in the morning.

I’m really really sorry if this has upset anyone but I hope you understand why we’re sharing this. Please please please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. There’s nothing we can physically do for him right now, we’re utterly helpless, but the more of you rooting for him the better. I don’t know what else to do.

Oh and as if the universe wasn’t quite dishing out enough shit to us, our little Rowan was admitted to Telford Children’s ward today, just one floor below us, with dehydration and anaemia. He’s fine but seriously, why our babies!?



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