Day 50

1/2/17 – Day 50

7 weeks old today 🎉

Wrapped up like a glow worm this morning 😍

Unfortunately not the best update. Arlo started having more desats and bradys than usual yesterday, as well as episodes of shallow breathing. The Doctors thought it might be reflux at first but this morning he had a particularly bad episode, heartrate and sats plummeted, and he had to be resuscitated again. Afterwards he was switched back to bipap and had his pressures increased but it wasn’t enough, his blood gases got worse, and he’s now back on a ventilator. The Doctors did a crp and it’s up so looks like it’s another infection. I knew yesterday something was wrong and when I got here this morning his heart rate didn’t look right, too high, too similar to the last time this happened 😞

I know we’ve been here before but it doesn’t get any less terrifying. He’s so poorly and all we can do is sit here feeling helpless and useless wishing there was something, anything, we could do for him. Thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, wishes on a star, anything at this point, Care Bear stares even… Would all be gratefully received 💛


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