Day 35

Another milestone day, today he is 30 weeks corrected! 5 weeks old tomorrow and currently weighs 1160g/2lb8oz!! Oh and this is his actual face with NO TUBES! The nurses took this as a surprise for us when he was switched from the vent to Bipap mask last week ❤️

Haven’t added an update for the last week as there hasn’t really been anything to update. He hadn’t gone forwards, but he hadn’t gone backwards either, and that’s exactly what the Doctors were hoping for. He needed to rest and grow. Today they decided to push him a little bit and during this mornings ward round his Bipap was switched over to CPAP! They did try this a few days ago and he only managed 30 minutes so this time, since he doesn’t like anyone touching his stuff, the plan was to not tell him and so far, so good… He’s had an okay blood gas this afternoon and aside from 2 slightly hairy desats has been fine and was saturating beautifully when I left tonight. He may go back onto Bipap yet and that’s okay, it just means he isn’t quite ready yet, but he’s getting closer. In other news his incubator temp has been turned right down now so he’s pretty much maintaining his own temperature and his feeds are now up to 5.4ml an hour.

So my beautiful boy you’ll be 5 weeks old tomorrow, and though we may not be out of the woods just yet, I think we can see a little sunshine peeking through the trees now. Keep going ❤️


Day 34

I’m in love with this Little Bird quilt I’ve got to go over Arlo’s incubator 😍 Also managed to find these little Maxomorra knot blankets so he can have one in with him, I can sleep with the other, and we can swap them over every day. As clothes are still a way off yet it feels so nice to have some things at the hospital that are actually his, that I chose for him myself 🙂


Day 32

14/1/17 – Day 32

Arlo hasn’t had a very good night. Lots of desats and bradys and just general pissed offness. The nurse looking after him decided to try a suppository in the end because she said she’d tried every nursing trick in the book and nothing worked, he was uncomfortable and angry. He then had what was described as an adult sized poo (Ha!) and cheered right up! D&B’s improved immediately so they think he may have been holding his breath whilst straining so he’s going to have regular suppositories for a while now.

He’s been really really active tonight. He’s surprisingly strong. I sat watching him while he was lay on his front and he was lifting his head a bit and turning his face. Amazing!


Day 31

JESUS CHRIST ON A BICYCLE!!! I was tested 3 months ago and told I was not immune to varicella so I have no idea what’s happened (did I have chicken pox and not notice!?) but who cares, I CAN SEE MY BABY NOW.



Day 28

10/12/26 – Day 28

Rowan might have been exposed to chicken pox at nursery. I’m not immune according to my booking in bloods so I’m not allowed to go to the hospital for at least the next 14 days. I don’t even know what to say. So upset.

On the plus side, Arlo is fine. Daddy is providing (almost constant at my request 😂) updates from the hospital. Since his pda closed he’s been managing to make progress on his feeds and has actually started to gain a bit of weight. He’s 995g today and we’re all hoping he might actually join the ‘Kilogram Club’ tomorrow, fingers crossed!


Day 27

9/1/17 – Day 27

Arlo’s still doing well on Bipap. Blood gases are good, no bradys and only a few little dips in his saturation levels but he picks himself back up and his pressures have been turned down to 40. This is first step in hopefully getting him onto cpap.

I’m not well so I’ve had to come home for the night unfortunately.


Day 26

I just held my baby for the second time in his entire life!! I’ve tended to stick to milestones without going into to much of the scarier info on here but I’ll be honest, there were times over the last 7 days that I wasn’t sure we’d make it here. This time last week he was so poorly, his oxygen requirement had shot right up and within a few hours both of his lungs had collapsed and he was back on a ventilator fighting for his life. The difference in him now is amazing. He’s a little superhero 👊🏻 Keep going my beautiful Arlo River, you can do this, and we’re with you every step of the way ❤️


Day 23


Dr. G decided to move Arlo’s echo forward to today, after he had his last dose this morning and the ducts closed. Not just got smaller. Totally and completely closed. We’re grinning like a pair of absolute fools right now.