Day 47

29/1/17 – Day 47

Arlo’s now happily settled in at Telford. Yesterday was a long, tough day and the transfer ended up taking around 6 hours in total in the end. It was much harder on him than I expected, much harder on all of us than I expected tbh!

First of all it took 3 attempts to sort out a cannula so he could have a glucose drip in the ambulance. First one stopped working after 20 minutes, second attempt initially flushed but then stopped working before the drip was up and he eventually ended up with one in his foot.

Once all that was eventually sorted off we went and he was fine for most of the journey then just as we got into the car park at PRH they had to stop the ambulance because his sats had plummeted. Sorted himself out quickly and off we went up to the NNU. He’s still in ICU, and we met his nurse at the door and were taken to his space, a space which we happen to know was once home to a very special little one. Then there was lots of paperwork to do and we went through his full history.

Now by this point Arlo hadn’t been fed since 1:30 (feeds are stopped for the journey), he’d been poked and prodded with needles all afternoon, he was in a strange new cot, he was facing the wrong way and his beloved boundaries were all wrong. Safe to say he was pretty pissed off with the whole thing. So he decided he wasn’t going to play ball anymore and if no one was going to give him milk then he wasn’t going to breathe. His heart rate and sats once again plummeted, we heard the dreaded words ‘mask and bag ready’ and he ended up having to be resuscitated.

I know I might sound like I being a bit flippant above but to be completely honest this has really shaken me up. That’s why it’s taken me until now to post an update. I couldn’t have talked about it last night or this morning.

I think I found this episode particularly upsetting for two reasons. Firstly, the people who have always picked him up and brushed him off before weren’t there. No familiar faces that have reassured us so many times before, who know how much of a diva Arlo is and know exactly how to handle him. Should add, his new nurse and Dr were brilliant with him, perfectly calm and soon got him sorted out. It’s just frightening being somewhere new though, even without something like this happening. And secondly, it made me remember just how delicate he still is and how quickly he can go downhill. I realise I’d built up getting to Telford in my head to be the point at which everything would be okay. But it isn’t. He still has a long long way to go. And hopefully I won’t have gone completely grey by the time he gets there!

The good news is he had a really settled night and a nice quiet day today. Resting and recuperating ready to continue his adventures. One thing we definitely can say for our boy, he certainly knows how to make an entrance!


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