Day 45

27/1/17 – Day 45

Another good day for our little Superbaby. He now weighs 1210g, his cpap has been turned down to 6cm and his oxygen is between 30-40. He was even well enough to come out for cuddles today. Daddy got to hold him for the second time ever, the last time was 6 weeks ago! The Doctors are really pleased with him and have decided he’s now ready for the next big step on his journey. So as soon as a space becomes available Captain Arlo will be flying off to Telford NNU. A little closer to Mommy & Daddy and a little closer to home…

We did think he’d be transferred today but after spending the night psyching ourselves up it turned out Telford don’t have a space for him, and it’s unlikely they’ll have one until Monday at the earliest, so we’re on stand by but it’s unlikely to happen this weekend. That’s fine by us tbh. Six weeks ago we were absolutely desperate for this day to arrive. Now it’s finally here we’re actually quite nervous about leaving New Cross. We’ve gotten to know and trust the Drs & nurses here and, more importantly, they’ve gotten to know Arlo (He’s the oldest baby in the ICU now!). The care he’s received has been beyond amazing, they have literally saved his life (on more than one occasion!), and we’ll never be able to thank them enough. We’re excited to take the next step but we’ll be very sad to say goodbye.



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