Day 38

20/1/17 – Day 38

I shouldn’t have mentioned that chink of sunshine through the trees. Today we’ve been scooped up and plonked right back into the middle of the forest.

Our boy isn’t well today. He’s had multiple desats & bradys and hasn’t been able to bring himself back up without help. Around lunchtime his belly ballooned up and he started vomiting, quickly accompanied by another bad D&B so the decision was made to put him back on bipap to try and avoid re-intubation. An X-ray showed his bowels are quite loopy so he’s nil by mouth for now while the Doctors try and work out what’s going on. He’s already on antibiotics and they’ll be keeping a close eye on him overnight. Seeing him so poorly and knowing there’s nothing we can do to help other than hold his hand and silently beg the universe to keep him safe is so so hard.

Please, once again, keep your fingers crossed that this is just a bump in the road for Arlo. Here’s hoping for a peaceful night and better news tomorrow.


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