Day 37

19/1/17 – Day 37

Bit of a mixed bag today. Arlo had his ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) screening. No sign of ROP so that’s great news. His TPN has been stopped now as he’s pretty much on full feeds of 7.5ml an hour which is brilliant! He had quite a few desats and bradys this morning, his temps been a bit up & down and his bloods showed that his crp is up which could mean he has an infection brewing. He’s been started on 2 types of antibiotics as a precaution but as he’s not really symptomatic they’ve sent blood off for testing and we’ll just see how he goes.

The rollercoaster continues. We’d had an amazing few days so a down was inevitable really. Fingers crossed its just a mini dip 🙂


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