Day 35

Another milestone day, today he is 30 weeks corrected! 5 weeks old tomorrow and currently weighs 1160g/2lb8oz!! Oh and this is his actual face with NO TUBES! The nurses took this as a surprise for us when he was switched from the vent to Bipap mask last week ❤️

Haven’t added an update for the last week as there hasn’t really been anything to update. He hadn’t gone forwards, but he hadn’t gone backwards either, and that’s exactly what the Doctors were hoping for. He needed to rest and grow. Today they decided to push him a little bit and during this mornings ward round his Bipap was switched over to CPAP! They did try this a few days ago and he only managed 30 minutes so this time, since he doesn’t like anyone touching his stuff, the plan was to not tell him and so far, so good… He’s had an okay blood gas this afternoon and aside from 2 slightly hairy desats has been fine and was saturating beautifully when I left tonight. He may go back onto Bipap yet and that’s okay, it just means he isn’t quite ready yet, but he’s getting closer. In other news his incubator temp has been turned right down now so he’s pretty much maintaining his own temperature and his feeds are now up to 5.4ml an hour.

So my beautiful boy you’ll be 5 weeks old tomorrow, and though we may not be out of the woods just yet, I think we can see a little sunshine peeking through the trees now. Keep going ❤️


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