Day 21

Day 20

Weight: 935g/2lb exactly.

Oh and mini milestone, 28 weeks corrected today! πŸŽ‰

So Arlo only lasted 36 hours on the bipap before he had to be re-intubated onto the vent. Without going into too much detail Sunday night was just horrendous, he took such a long time to stabilise and gave us all a huge scare. The doctors believe this is due to his pda and that without the duct in his heart being closed he’ll find it very difficult to progress, in others words, he’ll die. He’s currently doing n heart failure, although he is stable on the vent right now and still showing a huge amount of personality by fighting off the Doctors and Nurses every time they come near him. He’s really not a fan of being touched and he’s not afraid to let us know! πŸ˜‚

So. Original plan was liaise with cardiac surgeons at Birmingham today to see if he’s a good candidate for pda ligation surgery. However, they want to try a trial drug on him first before going for surgery. It’s actually only IV paracetamol but its unlicensed because there hasn’t been a big enough clinical trial for this use but they’ve successfully used it here before occasionally and recent small trials have shown it to be as effective but have far less side effects than the usual option of ibuprofen (which when given to Arlo caused bleeding from his stomach, his kidneys to stop functioning as they should and a, thankfully very small, bleed on the brain) although obviously there is still some risk.

He’s had his first dose this afternoon and we’ll know by Monday if it’s worked. If not, it’ll be surgery but please please keep your fingers crossed this works for him! πŸ™πŸ»E



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