Day 19 – New Years Day

1/1/17 – Day 19

Today is our middle son Rowan’s 2nd Birthday. 2 years since we found ourselves in the neonatal unit for the first time after Rowan arrived 7 weeks early.

I don’t think Arlo likes birthdays much. Today was the most terrifying day of our lives. Following a fairly event free day Arlo waited until Daddy’s friend George had come to visit him for the first time and out of nowhere blood came out of his mouth and his sats and heart rate plummeted. Thank God for the Doctors and nurses who knew exactly what to do and within seconds his incubator was opened up and he was spun round so the Doctors could resuscitate him. It took a while but he eventually came back up.

We were both pretty shaken up so went back to our room while they did X-rays. Then came the sound all neonatal parents dread. A knock at the door and a Doctor (I’d have been scared if it had been a nurse but seeing a doctor meant we immediately knew it was bad). Arlo had crashed again. He’d had a pulmonary embolism and had to be re-intubated as an emergency. He asked us to give them 15 minutes to stabilise him before coming down. We somehow waited 20 but he still wasn’t stable when we arrived. He was the most awful colour I’ve ever seen and even though he was now on the ventilator his sats were still dropping below 40. He was fighting the vent. They vent was switched to the oscillating vent and they decided he needed morphine to calm him down and help keep him still.

I can’t say for sure how long it took to finally stabilise him. It felt like hours. It was probably about a further 20 minutes in reality. I know for sure I’ve never felt fear like it before and I hope I never ever do again.


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