Day 18 – New Years Eve

Arlo is 17 days old today (27+4 corrected) and currently weighs 845g/1lb13oz.

He’s had a rocky couple of days and unfortunately had to go back on the ventilator Wednesday as he was tired, not tolerating feeds, and kept having desats and bradys. He has a large pda (heart murmur due to an open valve) that has failed to close with medication, this causes low oxygen saturation and difficultly managing feeds amongst other things so he’d done very well to manage on bipap up to this point.

The next day his kidney function had dropped so much he stopped passing urine and swelled up like a balloon so was started on medication to improve his kidney function. This has thankfully worked and he waited until I opened his nappy yesterday to pee everywhere, which we were all ridiculously excited about and even a passing Dr cheered 😄

He had a blood transfusion yesterday (3rd of many, very normal for a micro prem apparently) and following a stop/start couple of weeks with feeds is currently tolerating the most milk he’s ever managed at 1.8ml an hour. And Sammy is now a total pro at tube feeding 🏆

Plan for today is EXTUBATION off the vent back onto bipap! I’m not sure what time they’re attempting it but please keep your fingers crossed for him. Will hopefully update with good news later 😊


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