First post…

On 19th July 2016, 6 weeks after our wedding, we found out we were expecting our not-quite-but-almost honeymoon baby. We were ecstatic and though we experienced the usual anxieties and uncertainty that come with any pregnancy, we definitely didn’t imagine for a second that our 3rd baby boy would arrive less than 5 months later.

Despite our second son arriving spontaneously 7 weeks prematurely we were told repeatedly that there was absolutely no reason it would happen again. At my booking in appointment I was booked as ‘low risk’ and told we wouldn’t be offered any additional monitoring during this pregnancy. I knew they were wrong and I knew he’d be arriving early, just like his brother.

Sure enough on the morning of 14th December at 25 weeks and 1 day I woke up to the familiar feeling of early labour. Arlo arrived later that day weighing 755g/1lb 10oz.

And here we are almost a week later. It feels like we’ve experienced 10 years worth of panic, worry, joy, fear and hope in the last week and yet really we’re still at the beginning of Arlo’s journey. Other parents of micro premmies told me early on it would be 1 step forward followed by 3 backwards and that’s proved so true for us already. So much can change hour-to-hour that it all becomes a bit of a blur so I’m hoping writing it all down here will help us celebrate the good days and give us something to look back on on the bad days, to remind us just how far he’s come already.

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